How to avoid YouTube Scams

you-tube-738817_960_720Like any other social media, YouTube scams are very common. I have Listed Few here.

Below you can learn in more detail what constitutes a violation of these policies.


Fake Threatening emails

Google or YouTube scam email will tell you that your video has repeatedly violated community guidelines and threatens with account suspension. The email link would take to you to malicious contents. Always always check the email address suffixes, you will get an idea about it legitimacy straight away.

YouTube Music Key

If you have Google play all access subscription then you have free access to music key. Some people have been tricked into paying for both. Beware it is a free service with All Access Subscription.


Abuse and Pranks youtube stop-1131143_960_720

Pretend abuse or fake abuse or pranks are very common which are usually associated with malicious contents.

There are nasty scenes with abusive and offensive comments with these pranks.


Video Spam youtube 2

These are mainly unwarranted and repetitive videos and messages which are directed to particular channel or website. This diverts traffic away from genuine videos to spamer websites.


Fake Traffic spamyoutube traffic-332857_960_720

Making huge number of reviews, likes and comments to hike traffic to one’s channels and videos is common practice.

This is against YouTube policies. If known, accounts are closed swiftly by YouTube.


Misleading Search Algorithms

Some of the data like title of the videos, description, tags, annotations and thumbnail which are referred as a Metadata should be used to give additional information to the viewers.

If it is used to trick trick YouTube search algorithms, this can lead to removal of video or the channel.

Increase tagging can constitute a spam in YouTube eye which can lead to removal of a video.

Misleading thumbnailssex-987185_960_720

Creation of misleading thumbnails which contain obscene contents or nudity are not

acceptable by Youtube.


Reporting Scams

You can also report comments that you believe are spam by reporting here.


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