What is the paidviewpoint.com

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What is the Paidpointview.com ?

You can take online surveys in exchange for the gift cards and cash. Payments are made via PayPal account when your balance goes a $15.00 USD. Otherwise, you can get Amazon or Walmart e-gift card. Usually Rewards are processed within 72 hours. If you are located outside USA then you can still get paid via PayPal account, or issued an e-gift card in Dollars.

Is there any fee to Join?

It is free to join and immediately you get a bonus deposit to your account. Amount can vary depending on your country. On registration, you get a deposit of $1.07 and 500 TraitScore.

How do you get information about the surveys?

You can receive an e-mail notification about the new surveys. These will also show up in your account when surveys become available. Upon logging into your account, a message on the top right corner will display if new surveys are available.

There are 3 types of earning options:

  1. Online surveys (Regular, Trait and Biz surveys)
  2. Mobile surveys
  3. Referral program

How is the length of paidviewpoint surveys?

Survey lengths vary considerably but standard is between 3-5 minutes.

How frequent are these surveys?

One option is to take surveys when they become available mostly daily. But the other option is to take Trait Surveys which can give your between 3 Cents to 10 Cents on most days. Trait surveys are dependent on the regions though. Although, the money you earn is not much but overtime you can accumulate a healthy income but the other crucial benefit is that it increases your “Traitscore”.

Is there any referral program?

PaidViewpoint offers a very good referral program. You can earn 20% of what your referrals earn for taking biz surveys which are surveys other than Trait surveys. There is no limit on number of referrals and one can even earn up to $25 with each referral.

What is your Traitscore?

Better the Traitscore, the greater are your earnings per survey. A bigger Traitscore can land you with the maximum number of surveys one can get per month. With a Traitscore of 9000, you can be top 10% which can earn you even more per survey.


  1. Surveys are generally easy and not lengthy
  2. Very Interesting simple and fun topics
  3. Get paid regularly. Seem small but build over time.
  4. Honest and reliable
  5. Get surveys which you are eligible for and less waste of time


  1. Too much time to earn little cash
  2. Can have repetitive questions
  3. Paid slowly
  4. Slow in notifying on availability of surveys
  5. May be some limitation on available surveys

If you are interested to give them a go.

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