Wealthy Affiliate – Legit or Scam

Before I start saying anything about Wealthy affiliate, I would like to mention facts and figures about WA. It is a community which has over 500,000 members. It is place where people are taught in a step-by-step manner about building your online business.

Why I am Scared when it comes to online marketing? 

Well, Like most people, My greatest fears would be

Oh, I am not a technical guy”

How can build a website? I donot have any experience.

I am not good with computers?


You are right. I had similar problems but now You are going through my website. This is in few weeks of me going through the training from Wealthy affiliate.

I am a medical professional and yes I can operate computers but NO WAY I THOUGHT IN MILLION YEARS THAT I WOULD MAKE A WEBSITE.

I was very skeptical about it. But Now I am in process of making my second website.


What do I need to Do to make Create a Successful Online Business:

You are at right place because I have been in the same boat few months ago. I have made process easier for the new comers.

Think this whole process in 4 simple, easy and palatable steps:

Step 1: Choose a Niche – In WA you will get a Step-by-step guide to choosing a Niche. You will learn what is low hanging fruit and how to grab that. 

Step 2: Build Your Own Website – Via SiteRubix (Free version with siteRubix suffix but you can get free hosting of multiple dot com domains on WA.

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines  – How Your site is ranked and what can you do to improve it?

Step 4: Generate money from your traffic – By affiliate programs or by other products



There is a step by step guide on how to be a online entrepreneur. There are 6 levels and each level has approx 10 steps or lessons.

Each course would have learning objectives and tasks which you need to complete after each lesson.

So practically when you finish your training, you are most likely making money online and your website would be set up.

Here is link to access your free course.

affiliate bootcamp page

WA Courses



Live Video Training:

There is hundred of hours of live video training and webinars available to boost your knowledge further.

There is NO COMPARISON in the market for that.

There are live training sessions which you can book beforehand. Mostly, the topics which are covered are the most sought after areas.

These training session are on various topics from Niche hunting to website building on a single niche.

You will be able to create live video or training and monetize them after 3 months at affiliate.


WA live video classes


Can I do Affiliate Training for free?

WA has one of the excellent training program in the market for affiliates. Not only it provided training in your free membership but also gives you earnings at the same time. If you start promoting WA in your Free Membership, You can potentially earn a lot of money.


affiliateprogram courses


I never earned a dime, CAN I EARN from WA?

well, my friend you are the right place. WA affiliate program is an excellent revenue generating source. If you utilize it properly after going through appropriate training, you can earn recurring cash every month which in some cases could range from 3000-5000$ per month or more.

Not only you can earn cash but also a free trip to Las Vegas for super affiliate.


earning WA

Lets say you have 10 referrals per day

Saying all about affiliate program, I must say it is a process which takes time. But if you persist, then like me there is no way that you will not be rewarded for your efforts.



Is it useful to have MY OWN website?

Building your website is making your own business. It is your investment which will grow with time. It is a process which does consume time but I personally feel its worth it.

Whether you are promoting someone else’s product or you have developed your own brand, you own website is great place to start a business.

WA gives you access to SiteRubix where you can make your own websites.

Not only you can make free website but you can host them with WA as well.

As a Free member you can access upto 2 free websites.

If you like the support you get from WA community and want to join WA, then you have access to unlimited websites.





What are BENEFITS of joining WA?

There is no limitation on amount of time you want to be a free member. You have first 14 days to have all the privileges of a premier member. In free membership you can start making website through SiteRubex and you can go through affiliate program and start generating cash as well.

I have compared membership levels and benefits here for you to look at. Listen there is no compulsion for you to join premier but I would recommend to go and register for free membership as it is completely free. It does not ask for a credit card or any other source of payment and then decide for yourself after fortnight.


 Wealthy affiliate membership


How do I join WA?

The process is very easy and it is completely free. Listen there is no compulsion for you to join premier but I would recommend to go and register for Membership as it is completely free.


Wealthy affiliate join


Why people think its a scam?

There are number of ways people are scamming in the online market and affiliate market is the same.

I have been very very skeptical when I started free membership but in first few days of membership, all my doubts were gone.

The main drawback, I feel with any form of affiliate marketing has is that it is a bit slower to generate cash as compared to some other form of PPC marketing.

Mostly, I feel, it is upto the person running the online business as how he utilizes available WA resources to start generating income.

Bottom line is WA is not a scam, It provides any online marketers with all the necessary resources to start and run an online campaign successfully.



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