A Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: www.TheCoffeeShopMillionaire.com

Price: $37 per month and upsells

Owner: Anthony Trister

My Ranking: 3 out of 5

The Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online program which provides basic internet marketing. It promises you to make millions. The training modules are intended for every level. There is limited support while you are stuck at some place. In any case if it are new in online marketing, it can be really disappointing and frustrating. Therefore, it is not a product which will suit newcomers.

Although this program claims a quick turnaround of thousands in couple of weeks through a well designed recipe “blue print” but as you know it is not possible overnight as internet success takes time and effort.

Overall, there are 12 training modules and videos that give you all the basic information to get you started. Other topic which are covered in depth are email and video marketing and article submission. Once you enrol, immediately you have to upgrade to a “six figure group” which cast you around 300$. Additionally you have to pay for creating your websites and hosting fees. You have to practice what you learnt so having a hosted website is a much. So within no time, you are out of pocket.

What are the benefits

  • Site can get you going with basic information about internet marketing. Overall quality of training is reasonable.
  • Reasonable starting subscription

What are the drawbacks

  • There are upsells of over 400$ after you have paid initial subscription which can be frustrating.
  • Although, the site promises you millions but it is not true
  • No up to date and in-depth training
  • Significant number of complaints due to poor support from owner and community.

Final verdict about Coffee Shop Millionaire

Although, there are a number of positive reviews about this program but to me there more drawback than benefits. As you might know, getting positive review now a days is not difficult from the people you know.

There are much better training programs in the market which do not upsell and have better community support.

For people who have purchased and unhappy with the program, they should contact Clickbank for a refund.

If you are really interested in online marketing which I presume you are, hence you are going through this review then you should read my other review and recommendation. I have honestly seen lots of genuine success stories with the recommended program.

Mohammad Bader

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