PPC marketing basics for Dummies

PPC (pay per click) Marketing

It is a revenue sharing or search engine marketing between a merchant (affilate/site) which drives traffic to another website(advertiser). In 2014, just in the US the digital marketing was over 49 billions dollars.

There is a website promotion by increasing its visibility in a search engine mainly by paid advertising.

Fees are based on the traffic coming through. SEO is the most common form of PPC.

There are number of terms used for PPC which are CPC (cost per click) and also known as impressions.


Commissions are based on

PPC (pay per click): 

Based on number of clicks as the name suggest

PPL (pay per lead): 

Based on number of registrations

PPS (pay per sale):

Based on number of sales

Key to success in PPC Marketing

It is based on the following parameters

  1. Clear understanding of a effective online campaign and how would you achieve it
  2. Strategic plan
  3. Necessary tools which will help you achieve your goal
  4. Action


 1. Clear understanding of a effective online campaign 

It is like any business, if you clear understanding then it takes less time and resources to achieve that.


Question one need to think about are:

What are you immediate and long term goals?

Are you planning to promote your own product or you are going to promote somebody else’s product?

What resources you have?


2. Strategic plan

Most of the online marketers start their online campaigns by promoting other people’s product. It appears a simple process of choosing a product and then start promoting it but it is a bit more complicated than that.

If you have a solid strategic plan about product promotion then it makes it fun and rewarding at the same time.

Poor Strategy

direct promotions


If you start promoting product and direct the traffic which you generate to the promotional product website without capturing the details of traffic then that is a strategy which leads to failure. 

Good Strategy

direct promotions


The good strategy is always to send the traffic you are generating to your page to get the email addresses first before directing the customers to the promotional product.


This strategy will be helpful in the long run where you develop your own product and you have a list of potential customer with you.


3. Necessary tools which will help you achieve your goal


Niche/Keyword Search:

The main issue in the beginning one gets is what should I sell.

This is called Niche hunting. There are number of products in the market for that.

To name a few are

Google adword (free)

It gives you limited information about the keywords.

WA keyword tool

With in Wealthy Affiliate, there is a keyword tool which is useful as well in the beginning but has limited functionality.


The good one which I recommend as well. It has 30 free searches.  But it gives you a excellent data on low hanging fruits and its competition.




If you know your competition in the form of a keyword, this would be a single most valuable piece of information you will need to succeed in online market.

A single carefully selected keyword can be a bridge to one’s success. This is how you get better ranking on SEO.


  Custom Funnel Builder

There are number of funnel are builders in the market. The price of these range from under 100$ to several hundred dollars.

While selecting a funnel builder, you need to be careful that they independent and you are not acting as a source of traffic for them.   If the funnel builder is free, then most likely there is a catch.

10 minutes Funnel Builder

10 minutes funnel builder is actually reflects what the name says. I personally have not found any competitive low priced and easy to use funnel builder so far.

Super easy funnel builder

Landing pages, thank you pages, connection with any medium is super easy.

Recent promotion is 1$ for 14 days trial and then 97$/month but with in a month if you donot like it, they do 100% refund, its a extremely easy to cancel.  I would personally recommend it.



Now once you have build your funnel and start running traffic, you need to capture all the emails from your traffic so that you could develop a bond with them.

In this scenario, a autoresponder is required, where you can generate emails and keep a contact with your customers.

There are number of autoresponders available in the market.

Awebber is the one which is not that good. Meropost is a bit expensive one. The one autoresponder, I recommend is:


This autoresponder is extremely good and they run a free 30 day trial. Apart from managing emails, you can also make landing pages with them.


GetResponse, Autoresponder


They run webinars to elaborate their system and has 24/7 customer support. They have very good engagement with >1 billion subscribers/month.


Analyzing tool

Once you have above tools, you are ready to get started with your campaign. The only thing you are left with is analyzing tool to see where and how your traffic is moving.


Google Analytics

Google analytic is free software which can improve performance of your websites and online marketing campaigns. It can help you turn customer insights into action.



Mouseflow lets you record visitors on your website and heat maps show where their main activity is.  You can learn more about visitors in a week than months of typical analytic system.


PPC Marketing Step-By-Step Training

There are number of products available in the market which but a good example which generates lots of revenues is Project breakthrough by High Traffic Academy. Which is a step by step guide to PPC.

I have excellent examples of PPC which can generate user’s a healthy income per month.

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