Opinion Outpost a legit or a scam

Product: Opinion OutpostOpinionOutpost-uk-logo

Website URL: www.opinionoutpost.com

Price: Free to signup

Areas covered: US, UK and Canada

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

Legit or Scam: Legit

Opinion Outpost is an online survey company which is legit and safe but there has been a fair number of complaints against them.

How Does it work?

You can create customised polls in a short time. You can not or comment to share your opinion. In return you can earn rewards in the form of cash. It may be a good idea to do it for some extra cash but you will be able to make a living out of it.

How much you Earn from Surveys?

It is fairly variable and entirely depends on the number of surveys you have completed. The current rate is 10 points to 1 US dollar, with an average survey paying between 10 to 100 points. You need to acquire 50 points before you can cash out. It can take unto 6 weeks to get the cheque.

Why you even bother to listen to me?

I am an online marketer with a decent experience in the dot com space and have good working experience of legit money making firms.

You can review my experience from the post here.

Like me, you are going through various resources so that you can make a decent living out of it and spend a quality time with your loved ones.

Let me tell you, there are 1000s of way to make money online but not all of them are safe and legitimate.

I would like to shed some light on my experience here which can benefit people in the long run.

Are you after a regular income or a one time burst?

Most of the programs like surveys, polls etc have one time cash in opportunity. You get paid for what you put in. It is like your regular 9 to 5 jobs.

What you need is an automation which you can learn from my hand on experience in online marketing here.

These programs take a lot of your effort with little output. Just to give you a short example, You get paid 1$ for one survey which takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete so ultimately you are looking around 4 to 6$ per hour which is not a lot of money considering the effort you are putting in.

Are you getting regular work?

Although, there are a number of surveys and polls websites but there may not be good quality and regular work available. You need to do at least one survey in 3 months. If you are not active enough, your account can get removed.

Are you getting a good quality work?

Are you eligible to take a survey and on top of that, are you able to finish a survey. One of a big problem with these online surveys is that you might have spend a lot of time completing the survey, where you might not be eligible to complete it. Ultimately, if you do not complete it, your effort is a waste.

How much time I need to spend to earn a decent living?

Average size survey takes between 25 to 45 minutes. So this could mean one to at most 2 surveys per hour.

It is a lot of time for only two surveys where the income might not be guaranteed.

What is my final verdict?

Opinion outpost is a legit business for people to make some extra income but it has its own limitations. You can earn but not make a living out of this.

It takes a lot of time with little outcome.

It is not a automated process. You churn and earn.

Personally, I would like to invest my time, effort and money in a process which over time becomes automated and produce results over the years to come.

How can you Make decent money by doing what you love to do?

If you have a passion, it is easier to make a living just around your passion. Let me take you through the process through a very short video. ll you follow the steps which I highlighted in the video then you can earn a great living out of it.

The alternative is!

It is a process where you will be taken step by step to your success. You will see income generation which is sustainable and repetitive over time. Read my review before you join.

If you are interested then follow the simple set by step process through the link here.

Mohammad Bader

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