Advertising on Youtube

Advertising on YouTube is a simple process which can save you tons of money and you can reach masses in no time.

Step 1: Open a Google AdWords Account

Follow steps here to open the account. But, If you already have an AdWords account, then go to create a new video ad campaign.


adword campaign addingclick comapaign




Step 2. Link AdWords to YouTube

Now you will link your AdWords account to YouTube account. On the right hand side of your Adwords page, open the symbol (wheel), then open link accounts and link YouTube account on the left side.


link youtube




Step 3. Set Your Budget

Next step to set the desired budget per day. It is always better to start with a small amount and then scale it up as you get familiar with the website and results. Typical spend on Adwords is between $0.01 to $0.25.

The good thing with Youtube ads is that you only pay for the ads which are watched all the way through. 



Step 4. Upload Your Video

Now is the time to upload your video. After selecting your specific video, You have to transcribe your video for the google to crawl.


Step 5. Locations of  Your Video Campaign

There are various options to choose from. Mostly, concentrate on English speaking countries unless you are targeting your own community in a specific language.

You can choose from countries, cities, Post/ZIP codes and IP addresses.


Step 6.  Settings

In advanced settings, you can choose the day and time when you want to run the ads. You can also time limit your ads to specific dates. Initially, I would recommend to run ads all the time so that you get a feel of how it works. The main reason is that if you are showing it the whole world, there will be time difference which means you are capturing leads all the time.

Step 7. Device Targeting

Now you can choose any particular device you want to target which can be a phone, laptop, desktop, tablets.



Step 8. Laser Targeting- specify Age, Gender & More

You can laser target your ads by specifying age, gender and get more specific on the topics you want to highlight. Laser targeting always gives better results.

You can also choose from prospect’s interest, phrases, websites etc.



Step 9. Choosing Keywords

Another very very important area is selecting the keyword for your campaign. Use low competition Key words which are specific to your niche/video ad. You can use Google keyword tool, Jaxxy or others. The other rule you always remember is that more longer is your keyword, the more specific it becomes.

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