Niche Hunting with targeted long tail keywords

Long tail keyword is an extended word people use to research online. Most of the new marketers make this basic mistake when they search direct keywords rather than long tail keywords. If you are after a target high volume traffic then the best source you can get is by using long tail keywords. The more conversion mean better traffic and conversion.

Best long tail keyword tools

There are a number of keyword tools available out there. I would recommend few very good long tail keyword search tools which will increase your conversions.

Google Free Keyword tools

Google Keyword planner

It is a free tool but you can access it only when you have registered with Google AdWords and put in your campaign’s details including billing details but once it is set up it is completely free for unlimited searches.

keyword straight keyword

Use Google AdWords planner to your advantage

The simple way is to use direct keywords in the planner which everybody does but you can use it in a clever way by using your competition in the domain name. Let’s see this with an example.

keyword straight keyword with competition

Alphabetic soup

This is a very handy and easy tool which can be helpful for your basic search. Here we are taking example of long tail keyword research. The search terms which appear in the list are Google autocomplete function which cannot be turned off and it is based on past searches from other users or search trends. So use it to your advantage.

It does not give you any more information. So if you want to look at your competition or CPC etc, then you will require another keyword tool.

Google alphabetic soup 2

Google alphabetic soup 1

Google alphabetic soup

Google Related Search at the bottom

This is the related research terms you get when you are searching any keyword. This will give a very a very nice example of few more long tail keywords related to your keyword.

Here is the same example which I used above. Few more related keywords appear which can have even lower competition.

Google bottom bar 1

Google bottom bar


An excellent free web tool to generate free keywords. The unique feature is that it gives you chrome and firefox extension which then includes monthly searches and CPC value.

The other great feature is that when you generate a long tail keyword, then you get a to z autosuggestion of different long keywords which can be very very handy for your marketing.



This is a free tool which can search keywords on Google, Bing, Wikipedia, answers, Amazon, Youtube simultaneously. This gives you a comprehensive new list which can be a game changer for you.


Wealthy affiliate keyword planner

This is a free tool to plan your keyword search. The excellent thing is that it gives you monthly searches and your competition and power of the keyword.

If the searches are more than 50, competition (QSR) is less than 200 and article power of greater than 8 then that would be great to put into your blogs and post. This will lead to higher ranking for you on the search engines.

Below I will highlight on strategies on how you can decrease your SEO competition drastically without compromising the number of searches.

Strategy to reach a low hanging fruit in keyword search.

If I searched “what is the dark traffic”, it had 283 searches and had a competition of 27.

what is dark traffic results

what is dark traffic QSR

But if I add “the”, “what is the dark traffic” then I have a no competition and the number of searches are not disturbed as well as the article power.

what is the dark traffic QSR


This is another free tool with advanced paid features which separately gives SEO keywords, PPC keywords and related keyword search with grouping. It is fairly useful tool as it gives details of ranking difficulty with a keyword, CPC, CTR and number of advertisers. In free version, it gives 5 results with each search which can be searched unlimited times.

Spyfu also gives you your competitors keywords which you can utilize to make an effective compaign.



As we already discussed, the first and most important step is to get the right keyword. Jaxxy is a much more advanced tool which helps you pick the right keyword to make you thousands of dollars. It is free to try for 30 searches. It is one of the most powerful keyword tool to get you lowest hanging fruit in the form of long tail targeted keywords.

Jaaxy gives results in the form of QSR (Queoted Search Results) which is the number of competing websites ranked in google for the exact keyword, AVG is the average number of searches/month, traffic is the visits if the site get ranked on the first page of google, KQI (Keyword Quality indicator) is the color coding in which green is Great, yellow is reasonable but red is not good as a targeted keyword.


Search of over 50 is acceptable but the QSR of <300 is fine but aim for 100. Don’t go lower as it will difficult to get the page 1 of SEO.

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