10 Best Ways to Make Money from the Home (Legit)

There are a significant number of legitimate work from the home jobs now a days then ever before due to availability of the
internet. Mostly people work from home to make extra cash but now a days, it is even possible to make a full living from it.

work at home jobs

Should you be pessimistic or optimistic?

Some people are still very pessimistic and believe that there is no such thing as legit work at home which is free to start. Still the debate is is it worth it. Because of poor pay structure, time consuming nature and scams, it can sometimes, hard to know what is legit and what is not.

Why should you listen to me?

I started this journey recently and know first hand what sort of difficulties you can get when establishing online business from home. The best opportunity which I found so far is here in this review.

If you are learning online marketing for the first time, there will be a reasonable learning curve but ultimately if learn from the right people, it will be rewarding at the end.

Unfortunately, some of the options do cast money but it is always good idea to try free versions first before committing yourself into it, to make sure they work for you.

The chances of you getting ripped off by scammers are much more when you are new to online industry. Therefore, it is vital to educate yourself first before you start paid subscriptions .

Does working from Home mean you can get rich quick?

“Legitimate work from the home”, “online work from home” and “working from home” do not mean that you will “get rich quick.”


How can you spot scammer!scam

When you are looking for a legit work at home job, always make sure that

— Never pay upfront

— Never give out personal information

— the company has a clean online history.

What are the 10 Best Ways to Make Money from the Home (Legit)?

Here is the list 10 best work-at-the-home jobs that are not scams.

1. Freelancerfreelancer

If you have any online technical or creative skills like computer languages, designing, HTML5, Swift, Java, 3D modelling, app development etc, you can try being a freelancer. Although, there are a plenty of jobs but it is a fairly competitive field.

Well known sites for looking at this sort of work are Freelancer, Upfront and Guru. I personally like Freelancer. Register yourself free and try them out. You can be paid per project and by hour. You might face fierce competition from India, Pakistan, African countries but there is no harm in trying your luck.

You have to keep up with your reputation as completed projects and good reviews always help you to get your next project.

 2. Writer. 

If you can write, then this opportunity might be for you. You can be independent author. This could be products ebook stories, commentaries, short stories about your niche or blogs.

You can easily get idea about the topics by top selling ebooks in amazon or gutenburg etc. Take a unique aspect of any topic which will help you to write better and make you good living. Make sure that you do it professionally with good editing and drawings. Use your family members or get help from freelancer websites.

You can get these easily published on Kindle, iBookstore, Mereobook or sell it on your own website. Here is the help to create your own website in simple steps.

You can even write guest posts on different websites or publish your services on Freelancer websites to get more work.

3. Transcription

Transcription is all time favourite of people which can be for businesses, courts, journalist and healthcare systems. The work involves listening to and typing up dictation. You can get paid from  $1 to $1.50 per minute. If you are a certified medical transcriptionist then can pay you good salary per year. At the moment, most of work from developed nations goes to India, Pakistan etc.

The amount of work will decrease over the years because of transcribing softwares.

4. Translator / Interpreter 

If you are fluent in a second language you can offer your services to businesses,  health system and courts. For small a small sum of money, you can advertise your services even on fiver.com. Overall if you are working in business sector then your salary can go unto 52000$ per annum.

Visit Indeed Jobsmonster.com or careerbuilder for the jobs.

5. Customer Service/ administrative assistant (Virtual assistant)

Your services by handling in-bound calls can be valuable in providing customer services to companies and organisations. You can earn upto 15$ per hour.

visit worldwideworkathome.com, totaljobs.com, VIPDesk.com to learn more.

6. Travel agent

Home base travel agents earn a decent living. Although, there are a number of scams around travel industry.

HomeBasedTravelAgent.com and join.mtravel.com can give you further insight into this.

7. Teacher

Quite a number of people are turning to virtual education which makes it a decent income source. The good thing is that you might not previous experience for this. Although it is not new, latest IT development makes it more interactive and fun. It could be any subject to languages and religious education.

Learn more from GetEducated.com.


If you have good vocal skills and an extrovert then you can make a good sales agent. This could involve phone sales, market research and customer service.

Have a look again at Indeed.com, monster.com, and convergys.com for opportunities.

9.  Franchise business

If you can get affiliated with a well established chain, it can decrease a hassle of creating one from scratch. Although it will require some initial investment but can be good in the long run.

10. Manufacturing 

You can be your own boss if you start manufacturing at home. I used this term because it can capture broad aspect of making stuff at home and selling it on. One of the popular one is Jewellery. Other ones are ceramic, paintings, wood carving pieces and other art and craft things. The list is huge.

Look at these websites to get inspiration theartcareerproject.com, designsponge.com, thepotteries.org.


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