How to create a small URL

Creating a small URL is very very simple but what is the fuss? I have listed various sites including free customized small URL which can track your link free of charge.

What are benefits of making your URL small?

There are number of benefits

  • Make it more aesthetic and easy to remember
  • Branding your personal product and create a QR Code which may be useful on enabled devices.
  • Easy way to Track. The big benefit which is not highlighted quite frequently is that you can track your links after sharing it. So it becomes easier to track your brand engagement in real time.  Simple but clever. 
  • Although, not all the URL slimming websites can track. I will list those where tracking is possible.

How to Create a Random Small URL?

There are a number of websites which you can use for this purpose. I will highlight Top URL shortners which are more commonly used with any special characters will be highlighted as well.

Most widely used tool to make you smarter URLs. It can shorten your URL to 20 character. Good thing is that chrome extension is available which can be useful and handy if you are shortening it regularly. For heavy users, there is the bitmarklet tool as well.

Extra features are that you can track your link in real time which can help you to change your advert or blog which is engaging accordingly in numbers and visual graph format. It will tell you whether this traffic is coming from social media or known sources or not.

Another widely used tool to make URLs shorter. It can shorten your URL to 20 characters. You are also given a QR code. Word press plugin as well as chrome extension is available. Tracking is similar like 

It can shorten your URL to 19 character. It has a extra feature of QR codes which mean you can scan with compatible devices. I am not sure, this function will be useful to many of us. You can review Click but a more complicated to do.

For statistics, you have to visit the shortened link preview page either by adding – at the end or enabling auto preview and then visiting link.


It can shorten your URL to ~19 characters. It does not allow tracking but user can use a SnipURL toolbar to speed up the process of shortening for multiple snips. To create multiple shortened URL and to keep a track of them, you need to create an account.

You have to sign up to start using it with your email but it is a free service. Shorten the URL to around 10 characters. You can label your campaigns specifically and choose devices and locations as well. Tracking is similar like

It can shorten your URL to 16 character. You can tracking of your link with Hootsuite which is free to try but then it is a paid software.


It can shorten your URL to 26 character. It offers customization only if the name is of 6 and more characters. It does not offer tracking.

It is specifically for twitter and sharing on Twitter becomes easier. It shorten URL to 19 characters only.

How to Create a Custom small URL?

These are the ways you can create small customized URLs.

It can help you create custom domains which is relevant to your brand. As you know that normally there is some uncertainty when people see a URL with random letters and numbers. Custom URL builder takes that uncertainty away. These shortened URLs are easy to remember as compared to random numbers

It also gives some real time statistics of clicks, referrers and Geo stats.



It also offers custom URL shortening but this needs to be at least 6 characters long. It does not offer tracking.

Other Way you can Customise Small URLs

You can buy a paid small URL from the main URL providers like GoDaddy, Domainr etc. Branded small domain name should have 15 or less characters including the dot. Once you have bought it then you can add them to URL slimmer for tracking. For example in, you can add branded short domains in advanced setting.

I am just taking couple of examples of small URLs creation here. It is very very simple process.

How to create a random URL?

  1. Open the URL shortner which you like


  1. Now input the link you want to shorten


  1. Now the small URL is ready for you to use wherever want.




How to create a Custom URL?

  1. Customize it with more than 6 characters keeping in mind your brand name.


  1. Put in the link in full and then custom link of your choice


  1. Get the custom link and QR code


Major Benefit of creating a small URL

The major benefit apart from making it more aesthetic is that you can track your campaigns in real time.

This provides tracking in real time for clicks, Geo location, browsers and platforms.


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