Building backlinks – Is it still important?

Why they are important?

Search Engine optimization for your website not only depend on creating high quality content but then advertising it on forums where it create links back to your website. Ultimately leading to higher ranking on the SEO and hence more traffic.

Backlinks from another website directing to your contents in your website is a significant vote of confidence.

This creates search engine based traffic which is lasting source for your website.

For example, If I am selling a gadget on my website. By putting a review of that particular gadget on another relevant website and linking it back to my website, will be a valuable source of traffic.

Listen………..people are looking for more relevant information. If you provide them what they want, then it’s a win win situation.

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How to create backlinks?

There are number a ways you can generate backlinks. If you wait for people to start promoting your contents then it is not going to work. Unless you are paying for the clicks.

Once you start the process then it has domino effect, your popularity will grow much quicker than you would have anticipated.


Here I am going to tell you 10 easy and legitimate ways you can create backlinks.


Profile promotion

Building a profile is very important. This could be your company, yourself as a director or your employees.

The places where you should create profiles are Google, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp.


In Google, add custom text with your links. Custom texts are the keywords which people will  search you on. Therefore, it is important that you use those keywords in your website as well. Google+ is similarly very important to create profiles and link to write groups to promote your contents.


In LinkedIn, you can create custom text in first link but not in the subsequent links, so use it wisely.


Social media like Facebook links to your websites are followed as well.



Local Business Listings

Google Places, Yahoo local, Yell, Foursquare and Yelp are the places where you can put your local business listing.

google places   yell

Laser Target keywords are very important in your description. Even if you have online business putting it up on these services gives you good and easy backlinks. Most places link in the profile is followed but in contents are not followed.

yelp   foursquare

Content promotions


This is Q & A website with extensive range of topic under discussion. One can quite easily promote the contents and create backlinks. Use it wisely. Asking question make your reputation in the field. You will grow number of followers and hence more traffic for your website.



Creating a custom YouTube Channel in your Niche will lead to more followers. Link in your description or video are followed.


Digg and Reddit

Digg is a large community where there are large potential for traffic generation. It has unique monthly visits of upto 3.8 millions only from US. You can write or promote your articles, Videos or general news. Links to those articles are followed by search engines.

Reddit is a bulletin board system where you can submit photos, news, articles. It has over 540 millions visitors per month. Hence anything interesting will pich up on this website. The links you submit will be followed.

digg reddit-650-80

Create hooks with your posts (Baitarticle)

If you write useful posts which are full of great information, it works like crazy provided you disseminate information on the right channels.



Hub pages is web platform where you can promote pages (Lenses) and are a good way to promote your articles and links to your website. If you are into affiliate marketing are not allowed now according to their terms and conditions.



Share your passion

If you start with linking blogs from others then most likely, people will return you this favour as well. Hosting linksharing parties is another great way to get backlinks.


It is a web search engine that can discover pages for it users. You can discover and rate webpages, photos and videos. Rating is via thumbs up or thumbs down approach.  It is very popular service. Links are usually followed.



Buzzfeed and Longreads

Another of a social entertainment company where you can put your post and articles.  Creating links in Buzzfeed are great for traffic generation even if the links are nofollow.

However, Longreads site publishes long features rather than the traditional headline and short posts.

BuzzFeed longreads


Any very useful plateform where you can write story, post or an article. You can easily link your contents from post from here.



Interlinking your blogs and posts

Whenever you write a post or blog, link it back to another one which you have written. With time, you will have an amazing network of network backlinks directing to your own site.



Interesting website where you can create a post and provide a link and you will get users engagement straight away. Normally the news or feeds are presented in a funny way.




Article submission website which has over 494,501 active users. Free membership allows you to put your contents with links to your website. You can submit upto 10 article which depending on quality can get you a platinum membership with unlimited submissions.


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