How to avoid Google Adwords Scams

Avoiding Google Adwords Scams

Google Adwords is quite safe but scammers will do their best to gain your confidence. I have gone through the main Adwords scams here and the strategies to avoid them.

Google Adwords policies explicitly tells you how to safely advertise without getting banned. Read these and do not get fooled.



Fake Emails From Google Adwords:

Phishing is very common now a days and hackers are trying to steal information in every possible way so to be vary.

Check if the emails contain If they are not and asking for your account details or telling you that your account is blocked, then its a fake.

Some of these emails will even tell you that your campaign is on top page of google and you have successfully created a wonderful project. Don’t be fooled. 

How do you protect yourself?

Donot give out information unless you are sure that it is from legit source.

Even if  the email looks from Google with their URL but check by copy pasting the link to word/text file and hover over you mouse on the link, It will give you a real URL of the link. If it does not display Google URL then it is a spam.

If the email appears from Google partners then they should have Google Adwords certification.

Report back any suspicious activity to Google who are very good in clamping down on these dodgy practices.



Fake SEO Experts:

As soon as you get a domain name, you will start getting emails mostly from India and surrounding countries telling you that they are SEO experts and will make your website on first page of google in no time and they have vast experience in managing SEO. These experts are making money by giving away only a limited information which you will have in any case by going through Google Adwords policies.

Hmmmmm Be careful!

How do you protect yourself?

Some are legit so you have to take hold of their tract record and ask for more information, if you want to go with them.

Google Adwords can sometimes be daunting experience especially if you are a new starter. This happened to me personally, when your ads or website, does not fit with Google Adwords policies and Google starts sending you warning emails. These emails will warn you that if you donot comply with Adwords Policies then your ads or website will be banned. So in a panic you can go to these experts who will make easy money.

Putting up Google Adwords account is not difficult. Visit my advertising with Adwords page for full step by step info. Few tricks you need to know before you advertise on Adwords are highlighted in my post. You can set up your budget and look for low hanging fruit/low competition keywords. Read as much as information possible before you start putting ads on Adwords. Ring Google Adwords Team, They are very helpful. Donot think of short cuts. Becareful when putting ads with Adwords as quoted number of 100% free, low value and quality contents get banned from Adwords.

Google marketing professionals who have earned Google BADGE, who demonstrate Google best practices are the people you are looking for, to do business with.  Check the URL address. If its Google related site, then by all means open that but be vary of dodgy websites.



Fake Calls:

Same applies to the calls as well. Fake experts can call you to tell you that they are SEO experts and will make your website on first page of google in no time and they have vast experience in managing SEO.  These calls can be from Google itself or their partners.

How do you protect yourself?

Remember, you will be called by google expert only if you have asked for a call back. Always, ask intimate information about your campaigns to get an idea that they are really from Google. But otherwise, its always safe to ask them to confirm it via email before you start giving them all the sensitive information.

If your account is compromised in any way. Report it straight away to Google and put some extra security question for your login and change password more frequently.



Fake Unlimited Clicks:

Keep any eye on your Google Adwords account activity: Stay away from fixed price clicks and unlimited clicks. If somebody promises you unlimited and real Clicks at a fraction of the real price or they promise you of  the first page of SEO by generating quick traffic then It’s a scam. Run for your life

If you are getting High yielding keywords for a fractions of the price then be vary. If it too good to be true, it isn’t true. Most of these keywords will be taken down after initial advertisement, advertised for a limited time or replace with low yielding keywords by scammers.

Sometime you start seeing suspicious clicks from a source which are equal to number of impression which can not be true. Because normally you get loads of impression before you start getting clicks.


If you are getting approx 150 clicks from 150 impressions then this a scam but if you are getting 1-2 clicks then it is legitimate traffic. There are scammers who are collecting commission from Adsense by faking clicks.

If for instants, one start getting 1000s of views without any engagement i.e., no likes, dislikes, comments, shares, posts, flags o discussions then your click source is not a valid one. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

List of dodgy traffic generating website:

How do you protect yourself?

Keep an eye on your account, if impression to clicks ratio does not match, report it to Google.

Dodgy website which are selling clicks, will either do not use high costing keywords or use them for limited time and then take them off. They will also replace them with low yielding keywords or use other keyword in repetition to make up the full number of keywords promised. They can even take your ads down without you realizing it to keep the cost low and maximize their profits.

Sudden increase in number of clicks are fake until proven otherwise.  If your ads are focusing on a defined area and you are getting clicks from Nigeria then again report it.

Always check for the feedback of the company you are doing business with and donot sign any contract unless you have gone through basic details. There is high possibility that illegitimate companies will push for contract but be vary. There is another poor practice of recording your phone conversation and threatening you with the agreement on the phone. Always ask for written agreement or tell them you are recording your converstation with them for a proof of the deal. So that it is not a one way threat.



Reports if you encounter dodgy clicks on your websites to Google. Although Google say that they will not charge for fake clicks but the money you have lost in Adsense via fake clicks, there is no chance of getting it back.

If you putting a good quality content and running traffic in a legit way then you donot need this sort of traffic. If you do then go for reputable and Legitimate sources.

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