Adespresso – Optimize your Facebook ads – Genuine Review

AdEspresso Genuine Review

AdEspresso is a tool to advertise, analyze and optimize your Facebook ads. I am going to list the way it works before giving my verdict on it’s performance.

Why is AdEspresso so special?

It’s a very intuitive and friendly platform to make your ads. It’s a very simple way to create an ad even if you donot any previous experience to get you started.

It generates multiple ads by combining different ingredients from your campaign which could be headings, subheadings, images and body text, etc.

The reason AdEspresso is special is because you can review your ads in real time and upscale or downscale according to your requirement and budget. The other reason is split testing which can help one to focus on the areas which are generating more traffic and money and discard areas which are not useful.

I would give you one example:

3 headings, 3 pictures and 3 body texts will give your 27 different variation of ads (3 x 3 x 3). Other variables which can be added in are target locations and you keep on multiplying the number of ads which can be produced.

Setting up an Account

It is a very easy process. You start with a free trial and then start your campaign. If you like it then you can carry on or stop if you donot like.


How Do you Design an ad in AdEspresso:

Fairly simple process by going to ad design. The ad format could be Normal of carosousal.

Then you start adding variables like Headlines, Body text. The page is the page you are advertising on Facebook.


adespreso ad design

Select you audience:

Select your audience depending on location, age, sex, profession etc.

The other important thing is that you can focus on people who are more interested in your campaign based on how much of videos they watch or how much time they spend on your pages.

adespreso url



Insert your media:

Fairly easy step of adding videos or pictures. There is restriction of 60 seconds video or 600 x 315 pixel pictures.

adespreso photo or video


Where Your Ad will Display?

There are various option where your ad can go. This is fairly easy to set up. Facebook and Instagram is targeted with AdEspresso normally. Otherwise, you can choose devices as well.

adespreso ad placement

Track your campaigns:

There are multiple options of tracking which are with Google Analytics and through Facebook Pixels.

adespreso ad tracking




AdEspresso has a very easy process to when it comes to automation. You can very easily control you CPA, CTR.

You can pause or stop your ads whenever you want.

They have a very visual platforms where you can monitor your progress based on your spending, daily or hourly performance.

adespreso overview of compaigns


adespresso performance


You can easily analyse your performance based on your ads and target them more precisely.

adespresso analytics



It is very useful software where you can automate your ads very easily. There is free trial available if you want to check it and then price depends on how much you spend on Ads. The price could vary from 49$/month to 299$/month which is depending on you ads spend of 3000$ to 50000$.

The only drawback is that CPA bidding option is not available yet which will be very useful tool.





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