About me

I am a 40 years old medical professional and this is a my first online venture.

About Bader

I always had a strong desire to achieve the best. To start an online business has always been my ambitions. I have gone through various websites about building my website and start a business. Well I was not sure how will it go but I was up for a challenge. I am a internet and technology fan. I have been in 9-5 job all my life which has given me healthy income so far. 

Probably its 40’s thing, that I am looking for new venues and adventures. I came across this website (http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=2ba21672) which has taught me how to establish an online campaign. Hence, I started this journey.

There are a lots of number of affiliate programmes and websites out there and to offer which is a little bit unique is a challenge. I am trying on my website to give a bit different taste to my visitors and in the mean time give them ideas on how to make money sitting at home and get freedom to do what they want to do.


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