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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016 – Make money from home?

Making money from the home is not hard, even if you do it as a part time job.  Upto 5000-7000$ is possible.  I am not preaching about any scam or get rich in seconds scheme but a road map to success.

How is it possible?

Here, I will discuss, how it is possible to make legit money from home. Wealthy affiliate is a legit money making program as you would read about my real review below.

Imagine, this recurring 5000-7000$ could bring for you and your family. All this is achieved online and sitting in your comfort seat.

I joined wealthy affiliate online program as a part timer. The reason, I came across this website was that I wanted to build a website, about my profession which is kids surgery.

I am a medical professional and did not know much of know how of online business. Since, I started doing it 7 months ago, I build my own websites around my own interests. So my hobbies are becoming another source of income for me.

I am not saying that it will start pouring money in right there and then. Believe me, if you work hard initially to get your websites running or do affiliate marketing, then in the coming months, you will see the results yourself.

Time passes very very quickly, My Friend, and if you haven’t changed anything from your current position then you will be exactly in the same place where you are today in the coming years. So act now and build your dreams.

If you are reading this, then it appears as if you want to change, whatever that might be:

  • Fed up of your day job
  • Want to earn extra income on top of your regular pay
  • Want to be your own boss
  • Planning to change your profession altogether
  • Want to spend more time with your family by doing what you like to do
  • Or just interested to try new thing

These are the most common reasons why people Then you are in the right place. As I mentioned earlier, I started doing this only 7 months ago for one of these reasons. Here, I am that you are reading a review on my website, You would be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Read the success stories from others here.


wa recommendation 1

Finding 10/10 reviews from old members and new ones was a significant vote of confidence for me. Being medical professional, I wanted to make sure, what I was doing is a legit and not a scam. Wealthy affiliate program has been beyond my expectation so far.

You will find a number of review about Wealthy affiliate site with income screen shot likes this. This is one of those screen shots which is a proof that it does work.



This is a personal matter therefore, I would show you only parts which will help your to affirm the idea that is not a spoof or scam.

Business model put up by Wealthy affiliate does work. The good thing about this model is that is a constant source of income stream. The payments you get from affiliate marketing for referrals are recurring payments.

Wealthy affiliate is generating income for me in a number of ways. It is a complete package.

  1. Help you make your own niche/interest base website and teaches you how to make money from it.
  2. You can promote wealthy affiliate itself and make money. Complete list of how much you can earn is here. But simply, if you only promote WA, you can earn your living from it.
  3. You can create training on WA for which you will get paid for in cash credit but it depends on your level of engagement. This is a constant stream as more likes or engagement you get, the money will keep on coming. View my training which I created on WA HERE.

cash credit

Guys, WA is not only a extra source of income for me but the training you get to make establish your online business is second to none. Because it is a community of over a 5550000 members.

The people there are at various stages of their online journey. You learn from other members all the time. It is a very active and vibrant community. There is no leg pulling which can see on multiple other forums.

Look at the success post of other members.

example 1


example 2


example 3


Bottom line is that if you know only the basic functions of a computer then still you can be a successful online entrepreneur. The main thing you need is the commitment and passion to succeed.

No delicate programming or coding experience is desired. Everything is done in a simple step by step fashion.

If you are serious in making a legitimate living then simply come in and look for yourself. It is free to try. No pressure to join until you are happy. You have opportunity to make 2 free websites which you can keep forever as your membership with less advanced features.

Sign up COMPLETELY FREE today.




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